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Sandblasting machine common problems and solutions



Sandblasting machine common problems and solutions

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A: The suction blasting machine common fault
    1, sand blasting gun only out of sand
    Cause Analysis: 
    1 Sandblasting sand outlet gambling;
    2 air compressor water and gas, sand mouth wet;
    Method of exclusion: 
    1 Remove the sand outlet and clean up the debris;
    2 adjust the sand valve;
    2, sand blasting sand gradually reduced
    Cause Analysis: 
    1 There is foreign matter at the sand outlet;
    2 The blasting gun has a lot of water, and the tidal sand in the gun blocks the gun head;
    Method of exclusion: 
    1 Sealed the lance, opened the source, reversed the gun smashing and suction pipe;
    2 Remove the gun head and clean out the wet sand;
    3, the air pressure is normally open, but the sandblasting gun does not emit air and does not produce sand.
    Analysis of the cause: the foreign body gambling on the gun head;
    Exclusion method: under the gun, pour out foreign objects;
    4, sand blasting time meal
    Analysis of reasons: The amount of sand is too large;
    Remedy: Adjust the small sand valve;
    5, the internal dust is too large during sandblasting
    Analysis of reason: dust collector is too small;
    Remedy: Increase the amount of dust discharged from the dust collector;
    6, foot switch failure
    Cause analysis: The foot switch or solenoid valve is damaged;
    Remedy: Replace electrical components;
    7, dust around the sandblasting machine
    Analysis of the cause: sand blasting machine ash;
    Remedy: clean and plug out the ash area;
    Two: pressure feeding sandblasting machine common fault
    1. Normal pressure when blasting, no abrasive
    Analysis of the reasons: garbage foreign body gambling gun head;
    Method of exclusion: 
    1 Remove the gun head and clean out the foreign objects;
    2 Check if the sand tube is blocked;
    3 Gashakou increase screen (required)