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Automatic Sandblasting Machine Series

XT-1215-20A double-sided automatic sand blasting machine

Main technical parameters of XT-1215-20A double-sided automatic sand blasting machine

Equipment dimensions: 7000mm long 1500mm wide 3100mm high


The structure of the main engine is welded with 2.5 mm thick cold steel plate.
Dust collector: 2.5MM thick cold ligature steel plate welded.

XT-1718-12A-lx-Continuous automatic sand blasting machine

The belt is conveyed by the V-belt, and no sand will be accumulated. The belt speed can meet the requirements of the sandblasting process to achieve variable frequency speed regulation;

XT-1517-32A-XL catenary automatic sand blasting machine

Xintai XT1517-32A suspended automatic sand blasting machine
Overall dimensions: 3600mm*1350mm*3100mm (length*width*height)
Mainframe dimensions: 3000mm*1200mm*2200mm (length*width*height)

XT-1115-12B-ss acrylic conveying sand blasting machine

The conveyor type automatic sand blasting machine is mainly composed of a sand blasting machine, a sand blasting system, an abrasive recovery system, a ventilation dust removal system, an abrasive sor

XT-1313-8A Automatic sandblasting machine series

Size of sandblasting chamber: 1300mm (L) *1300mm (W) *1000mm (H)
Main body dimensions: 3600mm (L) *1300mm (W) *3200mm (H)
The dimension of the dedusting box is 1200mm (L) *1200mm (W) X2500mm (H).

XT1513-16B conveyer automatic sandblasting machine

Equipment shape size: 5200mm long 1500mm wide 2000mm high
Equipment studio size: 1200mm long *1350mm width *800 high

XT-1512-12A conveyer automatic sandblasting machine

The main structure is welded by 2.5MM-6MM steel plate.
Specification model: XT-1512-12A

XT-1513-12A special sandblasting machine for mobile phone shell

It is made of 2.5mm-10mm thick steel plate and painted on the surface.
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