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Stainless steel plate double-sided automatic sandblasting machine 1




Stainless steel plate double-sided automatic sandblasting machine 1

Uses: Mainly used in building decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, installation equipment and other stainless steel products.
Mainly used in building decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, installation equipment and other stainless steel products. Product attribute material: Lianzhong 201, Taigang, 304, 430, Zhangpu 304, 430, Krupp 430, Baoxin 304, 430 Color: titanium, gray gold, Japanese gold, champagne gold, rose gold, black titanium Water plating and plating, sapphire blue, brown, brown, grass green, violet, purple, burgundy, bronze, green bronze plating and plating, seven colors and so on.  
Specifications: 0.3-3.0*1000mm*2000mm, 0.3-3.0*1219mm*2438mm, 0.3*-3.0*1219mm*3048mm, 1,500mm wide and not more than 6000mm 
Surface: 8K mirror panel, frosted board, anti-skid board, etching board, embossed board, hollow ball, foot line, stainless steel products, stainless steel cabinets, stainless steel, stainless steel signs.
Process: The sandblasted plate is processed with zirconium beads on the surface of the stainless steel plate by mechanical equipment, so that the surface of the plate exhibits a fine beaded sand surface, and a unique decorative effect is formed. Then electroplating is colored.
Equipment Dimensions: 7800mm long 2000mm wide 4200mm high
Equipment working room size: 2000mm long *1800mm wide *1500 high
Cyclone separator size: 750 high * 600 diameter * 2 sets
Split dust box: 1500mm*1500mm   Designed 10 dust filter cores
Dust fan: 7.5Kw   380v = 1 set
The dust removal volume is: 5600 cubic meters/h.
Wind pressure: 1820pa
Lighting: 18W Fluorescent Lamp 5 Calyx
Number of guns: 18 (aluminum alloy with boron carbide nozzle) equipped with Φ8×&Φ20× 35mm high-quality wear-resistant boron carbide nozzle.
Shell: 3.0-6mm cold-rolled steel plate made by welding [surface paint treatment]
Perspective window: 2 frames
Air pressure is greater than 5.5bar(kg/cm2) [Air compressor is more than 18 cubic meters and 90 kilowatts]
The equipment needs to be connected by the party itself. 10 square copper wire.
[Stainless steel plate sand blasting machine] Scope of application
Used in the production and research and development of stainless steel medium and high-grade decorative panels, it has formed dozens of varieties of matte, mirror, titanium and etching. 201, 304, 316L, 304JI, stainless steel flat plate, coil plate, 2B plate, drawing plate , 8K board, titanium plate, rose gold, black titanium, etc.
Applicable to all kinds of engineering, hotel office apartment bank school shop KTV high-end restaurant subway bus station (stainless steel sculpture door elevator car screen door railings stair handrail automatic door revolving door advertising column bulletin board sun glass film wall flagpole pull gate etc. ) And other high-grade stainless steel sandblasting.
[Stainless steel plate sand blasting machine] working principle
The principle of double-sided automatic sandblasting machine for large stainless steel plates in Foshan
Adopt inhalation sandblasting, which uses compressed air to flow at high speed in the spray gun to generate negative pressure to generate ejector action. The sand in the cyclone separator tank is sucked into the spray gun through the sand delivery pipe, and then is ejected at high speed by the nozzle with the compressed air flow. To the surface of the workpiece, to achieve the purpose of blasting steel pipe
【Stainless steel plate sand blasting machine】test certification
National standards and specifications adopted
1. General technical conditions of JB/T8355-96 shot blasting equipment
2. GB/T522611-1996 General technical conditions of electrical equipment for industrial machinery
3. GB12348-90 Noise Standards for Industrial Enterprises
4. GB16297-1996 Integrated Emission Standard of Air Pollutants
5. General requirements for safety and health requirements of GB12801-91 production process
6, GB12265-90 mechanical protection safety distance
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