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XT-1115-12B-ss acrylic conveying sand blasting machine




XT-1115-12B-ss acrylic conveying sand blasting machine

The conveyor type automatic sand blasting machine is mainly composed of a sand blasting machine, a sand blasting system, an abrasive recovery system, a ventilation dust removal system, an abrasive sor

Working Principle

The conveyor type automatic sand blasting machine is mainly composed of a sand blasting machine, a sand blasting system, an abrasive recovery system, a ventilation dust removal system, an abrasive sorting system and an electric control system.

The blasting system adopts suction blasting, which uses the compressed air to flow at a high speed in the lance to form a negative pressure to generate the ejector. The sand in the cyclone tank is sucked into the lance through the sand pipe, and then the air flow is compressed by the air. The nozzle is sprayed at high speed onto the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of blast cleaning.


Third, the equipment composition
This set of equipment is mainly composed of main engine, dust removal system, electrical system and air compressor (user-supplied).
Sand blasting medium: suitable abrasive.
Sandblasting requirements for workpieces: sandblasting the outer surface.
design standards:
JB/T8355—2008 General technical conditions for sandblasting equipment
GB/T8923-2008 Surface rust grade and rust removal grade of steel before painting
GB16297-2008 Integrated emission standards for atmospheric pollutants
GB/T5226.1-1996 Industrial machinery and electrical equipment - Part 1: General technical conditions
GBZ 1-2002 Industrial Enterprise Health Standard
GB12348-2008 Industrial enterprise boundary noise standard
First, the machine features:
1. Simple operation and high efficiency. Sand materials of different grain sizes can be replaced according to different process requirements, and sand materials are automatically recycled to save costs.
2. The spray gun adopts the angle swing mode, and can finely adjust various spray angles to achieve good processing results.
3, equipped with a filter-type dust collector, can remove the dust generated in the work.
Fourth, the main structure of the sand blasting machine: (see design plan)
1, the host shell:
It is welded with 2.5mm-10mm thick steel plate and painted on the surface. A shroud and a rubber skin are provided at the feeding and discharging ends to prevent dust from escaping, and a filter mesh is arranged at the lower part of the nacelle to prevent large debris and workpiece from falling into the sand. The blasting machine has an observation window on the main unit to observe the entire processing process and handle unexpected situations at any time.
Device parameters:
 Device parameters:
 XT-1115-12A conveyor automatic sand blasting machine:
1. Sandblasting mainframe dimensions: 3700mm (length) * 1500mm (width) * 2000mm (height) (excluding separator);
2. Dust box dimensions: 1100mm (length) * 1500mm (width) * 1900mm (height) (excluding fan height);
3. Dust removal fan: high pressure 7.5KW;
4. Dust filter: Ø325*600=6;
5. Sand blasting machine delivery mode: gear motor (frequency control) + V-belt drive;
6. 锟 shaft conveying mode: 锟 shaft conveying + chain driving mode;
7. Gun rack swing: gear motor (variable frequency control) + 4 sets of 12 spray guns;
8. Sand recycling system: auger + sand dust separation system + wind recovery;
9. Total equipment power: about 15KW.
2. Workpiece conveying device:
The workpiece is conveyed by a B-type V-belt, and the conveying motor is a variable speed motor with a motor power of 0.75kw. The motor is controlled by the governor, and the speed of the conveyor belt can be steplessly regulated by the inverter within the range of 1.0 to 3.2 m/min. The actual conveying speed of the belt during sand blasting is determined by the requirements of the product blasting process.
After the workpiece is conveyed by the rubber crawler, it is conveyed through the boring shaft. When the induction probe touches the signal, the lower chain conveys and drives. After the cycle, the workpiece completes the process from product clamping to blasting, saving time and effort.
3. Spray gun swinging device:
The swinging of the spray gun adopts the connecting rod swinging mechanism, and the spray gun swings at an angle. The swinging distance and position of the spray gun can be adjusted according to the sandblasting effect, and the swinging frequency of the spray gun is 60-140 times/min. The swing motor uses a power of 0.4kw. The oscillating shaft of the sand blasting machine and the cold drawn steel for the gun frame are made of Q235 and 45# steel, and the heat treatment method is quenching treatment, and the hardness is HRC45.


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