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XT-2D Small electric and environment-friendly sand blasting equipment

Work pressure: 4-7bar
Power supply voltage: AC380V, 50HZ
Power power: 7.5kw

XT-108P Movable and open root carving machine

Equipment parameters:

XT-107P Large equipment derusting sandblasting machine

Sandblaster shape size: 600*1450 (mm)

XT110-2P Fixed and open sandblasting machine (used for sandblasting)

Xin Tai Machinery: a research and development company can develop various kinds of high level sandblasting, dust removal and rust removal equipment according to different types of products.

XT-109P Air controlled movable sandblasting machine

Equipment parameters:

XT-108P Mobile open

Equipment parameters:

XT-108D Mobile open high pressure sandblasting machine

Equipment parameters:

XT106P Simple movable open sanding machine

Simple movable open sanding machine

XT4D Recycling high pressure sandblasting machine

Main technical parameters:
Work pressure 4-7bar
Power supply voltage AC380V, 50HZ
Power 7.5kw
Gas consumption 3-6m3/min
Working radius 10m-20m
10-100 mesh of abrasive rate
Abrasive type brown corundum
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