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H type steel I-beam rust removing pass through automatic shot blasting machine




H type steel I-beam rust removing pass through automatic shot blasting machine

H type steel I-beam rust removing pass through automatic shot blasting machine


H type steel I-beam rust removing pass through automatic shot blasting machine

The specific process is as follows:
Workpiece conveying process: feeding roller table, chamber roller table, purge and discharge roller table.
Shot blasting process: high efficiency shot blasting, projectile centring, silo to screw conveyor.
Guide tube to shot blasting machine, control valve, valve separator, storage hoist.
Ventilation and dust removal system: dust in the separator, air duct, settler, dust collector.
Dust removal from shot blasting, air duct, settler, dust collector, purification and discharge
(1) by adjusting the location of locked doors, the uniform thickness and flow rate can be achieved.
(2) the height of the separation zone is 305mm, which provides space for the effective separation of pellets and sundries.
(3) the wind selection control board is located in the first separation area.
(4) two adjustable separates can efficiently separate particles and critical size pellets.
(5) the screen can be replaced to achieve large debris interception.
(6) only good pellets that can be reused will flow into the pellet.
Three. Other matters
1. The control cabinet of parallel motor has a set of control equipment connected with the direct starter. The operating voltage is 380V + 10%, 3 phase, 50-1Hz, and pulse control circuit provides 220V voltage. The total power of the power supply is fully satisfied with the whole equipment power.
2. The pneumatic system on the pneumatic system is connected to each intake point by the Asian Pacific pipe, and there are lubricator and filter on the gas path. The buyer is responsible for supplying clean compressed air to these intake points. The main location is dust collector air bag and pneumatic valve control gas holder. An air volume
1.5m3/min, the maximum pressure 1MPa air compressor or the corresponding gas source is responsible for the buyer.
3. Lubricate all bearings (except shot blasting machine) by self sealing with sealed seat belt. Users regularly grease calcium base grease (yellow dry oil).
Shaft mounted decelerator and blower do not provide lubricants when supplied, and users need to provide them.
4. The basic drawings provide detailed dimensions, locations and distributed loads. The user should carry out the basic construction according to the drawings supplied by the supplier. The base cover is made by the user on its own.
5. Users of pellets should have 2 tons of pellets of 0.2-1.2mm diameter.
6. Field wiring materials
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