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XT-Q326 Caterpillar shot blasting machine




XT-Q326 Caterpillar shot blasting machine

Main technical parameters and performance:
Main technical parameters and performance:
Technical parameters and performance of number name number
1 each treatment was less than 0.1m3 and less than 200
2 requirements for workpieces: single weight: less than 10Kg L or less than 300mm t or less than 5mm 200mm or less than 80 degrees C
3 cleaning room 11330B x 1010L x 1653Hmm (max)
4 shot peen type 1 type: Q360 type
 Shot shot: 130 /min
 Impeller speed: 2500rpm
 Projection speed: 61m/s transmission mode: belt drive
 Motor power: 7.5kw
5 Elevator 1 model: TS-10
 Promotion: 10t/h reducer model: XWD1.5-3-1/35
 Power: 1.5kw
6 separator 1 model: FL-10
 Wind speed: 4-5m/min curtain wind selection
 Separation effect: > 99%
 Control of 7 cylinder gate 1 cylinder
8 screw conveyor 1 throughput: 10t/h and hoist share reducer.
9 caterpillar bearing system 1 track size: 1140B * 3475L * 20H
 End disc diameter: 650mm spacing: 900mm
 End plate speed: 3.5rpm leakage hole: 6 with rubber edge.
 Reducer model: XWD1.1-3-1/35
 Speed reducer: 1.1kw
10 deduster 1 model: FBD24
 Filter area: 16.8m2
 Ventilation: 1500m3/h mechanical vibrator bag type
 Type of fan: 4 - 70. 2. 3. 2 A
 Fan power: 2.2KW
 Vibrator motor power: 0.55KW
11 device total power to 12.85KW working voltage: 380V/50Hz operation voltage: 220V/50Hz
12 the initial volume of the pill is 400.
13 compressed air source pressure: 0.4 to 0.6MPa consumption: 0.02 m3/min
14 the concentration of dust emission is lower than 120mg/m3 stipulated in the GB16297-1996 comprehensive emission standard for air pollutants.
15 the noise is lower than the 93dB (A) specified in the technical conditions of the JB5360-91 pedrail blasting machine.
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