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XTQ376 Double hook type shot blasting machine




XTQ376 Double hook type shot blasting machine

Main technical parameters
Main technical parameters
1. The size of the external body is 1500 x 1500 x 2500mm.
2, the time required to clean up a hook piece:
 Iron 3~4min
 Casting 6~15 min
 Riveting weldment and forgings 8~18min
3, shot peper (HX350): 2
 The maximum shot blasting power is 2 * 180kg/min motor power 2 * 7.5kW.
4. Hoist
 Belt speed 1.14m/s bucket distance 230mm
 Lifting capacity 22t/h motor power 2.2kw
5. Screw conveyor
 Helical diameter (180mm) helix pitch 200mm
 Transport volume 22t/h
6. Separator
 Separation volume 22t/h separation zone wind speed 4-5m/s
7. Hook
 Hook load 1000kg
 Rotation speed 2.8r/min motor power 0.55kw
 Running speed 20m/min motor power 0.4KW
 Lifting speed 8m/min motor power 2.2kw
8, the first projectile loading 1000kg (user provided)
 Projectile specification [Phi] 0.5-1.2mm
9. The power of the dust removal equipment 4kw
 Handling air volume 3600m3/h
10. The total power of the machine is about 22kw
11. The surface quality of the workpiece after cleaning Sa2.5
12. The noise of equipment is less than 85dB
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