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XT106P Simple movable open sanding machine




XT106P Simple movable open sanding machine

Simple movable open sanding machine


Simple movable open sanding machine

Quantity: 1 Units
1-1. The main technical specifications
1. The dimension of the shape: 430*1250 (mm)
2. Self weight: 108KG
3. Total volume: 0.2m3
4, air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
1-2. The structure of the sandblasting machine:
1. The shell is made of 6mm cold welding steel plate and is sprayed on the surface.
2, the sandblasting machine has 1 spray guns, and the spray gun is equipped with 8mm large tungsten steel nozzles. The amount of sand can be adjusted by the handle ball valve under the body.
4, the machine is equipped with a 5 meter sand tube.
5, the manual ball valve is used to control the gas source (convenient operation).
6, the machine requires more than 1.5 cubic meters (11 kilowatts) of air compressor: sandblasting machine list.
1) 1 sandblasting tanks
2) high pressure spray gun 1
3) 1 roots of high pressure sandblasted pipe 5m (50*32mm)
4) 1 sets of sandblasting protective clothing
5) 1 filter mufflers
6) 1 mushroom top
7) 1 O rings
8) start the 2 ears
9) 3 ball valves
1-3 the principle of work:
The machine adopts pressure sending sand blasting (shot peening) mechanism, that is, using compressed air to carry out high speed flow in high pressure tank.
The moving line is high pressure, and the sand in the high pressure tank is ejected through the sand pipe, and then the compressed air flow is jet from the nozzle to the workpiece surface at high speed, so as to achieve the purpose of sand blasting.
3. Scope of application
A. is used to clean steel structure, steel pipe, mould, fitness and amusement equipment. The carving of glass, stone tablet, ship building, bridge, mine, machinery, oil pipeline, water conservancy project, port construction and other rust removing, spray processing, oxide skin, and burr can also be used for spraying and electroplating process to improve the surface treatment of the adhesion on the surface of the coating (plating) layer.
B. is used to spray glass pellets and strengthen the surface of light parts.
4. Machine installation
1. connect the intake pipe well.
2. wear good protective equipment.
Note: the whole machine 1 sets, send accessories: 1 sets of protective clothing.
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