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Horizontal automatic glass sandblasting machine




Horizontal automatic glass sandblasting machine

Application and application of sandblasting machine The use of sandblasting machine is mainly in the following aspects:
Application and application of sandblasting machine
The use of sandblasting machine is mainly in the following aspects:
1. Before the surface of the workpiece is processed: before painting, before painting, before metal spraying, chromium, nickel, zinc plating and oxidation treatment.
2, the treatment of the surface of the workpiece: the heat treated residual salt, the oxide skin, the residual oil, and so on; the oxide leather sand of the black casting parts, and so on; the fine grinding sand, the oxide skin and so on; the micro spings and residues of the machined parts; the oxidizing skin and slag of the welded parts; the oxidation skin of the cold and hot rolled steel (steel). Corrosion layers; moulds, deposits, etc. of various mold cavity; sinter residues on the surface of ceramic elements; flying edges of plastic molding parts; radioactive elements on the surface of the objects; bridges, hydropower stations, ships and buildings; rubber attachments of the runways of the airport; railway carriages; various pipes and container cans; old machine parts. Oil, adhesion, etc.; residual paint, rusty layer and attachments of containers; erroneous sinter on porcelain; scratches on decorative surfaces.

3. Polishing the surface of the workpiece, polishing the surface of the metal, obtaining the matte or diffuse surface, and polishing the surface of the wood products.


4, change the physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece to improve or reduce the surface roughness; change the surface tensile stress is pressure stress; improve the surface of the lubrication state; reduce the motion noise of the parts; improve the friction coefficient of the surface.
Supply Ningbo glass sand blasting machine, glass marble plate sandblasting machine.
Sandblasting machine, sandblasting room, shot blasting machine series for surface cleaning provide a solution, the maximum data wear will reach 1mm, mainly the clean surface of the dirt, impurities, debris. Pressure sand blasting system is the best way to clean up the application. Due to the sand blasting process. Therefore, a large amount of dust will be produced, which requires special requirements for high abrasion resistance of sandblasting equipment. But the area is large. Therefore, sandblasting equipment also needs special high wear resistance. The residue of wire saw and other tools for cutting silicon ingot into silicon is cleaned. The thickness of the residual layer is very thin. These tools and supports are used for coating photovoltaic glass substrates on conductive glass substrates. Sand blasting to clean the coating tools and supports used in the manufacturing process. It is used for searching impurities and targeted sandblasting. After that, the Nanjing sandblaster provided a special cleaning system. The cleaned silicon material can be remelted and become the high purity silicon used for opening and repeating. Manual cleaning methods are cumbersome, polluting and costly.
Supply Ningbo glass sand blasting machine, glass marble plate sandblasting machine.

The press type dry sandblasting machine uses compressed air injection, that is, compression air is used to pressurize the abrasive in the pressure tank, and the abrasive in the pressure vessel is pressed into the sandblasting tube through the abrasive valve, and then the compressed air flow is sprayed to the surface of the workpiece with the high speed of the spray gun, so as to achieve the purpose of sand blasting. The general pressure dry sand blasting machine has the advantages of novel design, simple and reliable structure, convenient operation, good processing efficiency and energy consumption. The main components of the general pressure dry sandblaster are imported with high quality, which is safe and reliable, and has a long service life.

  The mobile sand blasting machine adopts straight through type sand blasting valve to completely solve the blockage of abrasive. For high efficiency derusting and cleaning, the surface grade can reach Sa2.5-Sa3, and the sand blasting outlet speed can reach more than 200M/S, which greatly improves sandblasting efficiency. It is suitable for sandblasting, boat repair, bridge, mine, container and steel structure. Machinery, oil pipeline, metallurgy, boiler, machine tool, railway, mechanical manufacturing, port construction, water conservancy engineering and surface rust removal, and also for fur, glass, stone stele and field carving, spray processing and all surface treatment.

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