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Three station non standard manual sandblasting machine mahogany furniture sandblasting machine




Three station non standard manual sandblasting machine mahogany furniture sandblasting machine

Zhongshan Xindai sandblasting machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan City,
Zhongshan Xindai sandblasting machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong, and is committed to developing and manufacturing professional manufacturers of industrial surface treatment sandblasting equipment. We have a lot of experience in the industrial surface treatment. In recent years, our products are all over the world and have been praised by the customers. We have a number of professional industrial surface treatment engineers with rich experience, and have many successful experiences on the sand blasting of your company.
This machine is suitable for the sand blasting processing requirements for your products. The designed sandblasting equipment eliminates dirt, scratches and other sundries on the surface. It can make the surface dumb. It can also be used in other plates, plane materials, the surface of the oxide skin, the uniform spray surface and the increase of surface adhesion or use. Pretreatment process before spraying, plating and painting.
design basis
A. according to the production requirements of People's Republic of China's safety production machinery and equipment;
B. according to People's Republic of China mechanical operation environmental requirements;
C. your company's overall requirements for mechanical manufacturing;
D all kinds of data provided in your electric heating dish cleaning.
E.17 national standard for production of building materials machinery;
F. according to the Provisional Regulations of the industrial surface treatment industry.
1. host:
The shell is welded by 2.0MM steel plate, and the inside and outside surfaces are sprayed and processed.
Engine room size: 1800 (long) *800 (wide) *800 (high) (MM)
Host size: 1800 (long) *1300 (wide) *1700 (high) (MM)
The machine is equipped with special dusting box, sand blasting hand hole: 4, perspective window: 2. It can be operated by two people at the same time.
A filter net is installed in the lower part of the engine room to prevent the workpiece or larger debris from falling into the cabin and blocking the spray gun and affecting the normal processing.
On the both sides of the main engine, there are hand holes in the length direction to facilitate sandblasting for different lengths of work pieces. The two sides of the main machine are opened to facilitate loading and unloading sand blasting operations. The hatch door is welded by 2.0MM steel plate. The inside is strengthened with stiffened stiffeners. The door frame is sealed by the automobile sealing strip and sealed by a sealing strip on the door.
Hatch size: 600*670MM
2 fluorescent lamps are installed on the left and right sides of the engine compartment to ensure clear vision when blasting. Power switch, electronic control box and pressure regulating valve. The inlet pressure and sand blasting pressure gauge are all located above the machine bin, and the operation is convenient.
2. spray gun:
The number of spray guns is 2, the nozzle size is 8*20*30MM, and the material is boron carbide.
The spray gun can freely adjust the sand blasting angle according to the sand blasting requirements of the workpiece. Distance.
3. windows:
In the sandblasting working area of the machine, a window for directly observing the processing condition is set up, which is convenient for observing the machining process and artificial sandblasting.
There is a 45 degree skew rack in the machine working bin, which is welded by channel steel and angle iron, with pulley on it. It is convenient for long plate type workpieces to be pushed sand blasting.
5. sand blasting principle
Using the inhaled sand blasting, that is, the compressed air is used to form a negative pressure in the spray gun to form a negative pressure. The sand in the cyclone separator is inhaled through the sand pipe, and then the air flow from the compressed air is jet from the nozzle to the workpiece surface, so as to achieve the purpose of sand blasting cleaning.
6, the lower sand bucket: 2
Dust removal system:
(A) shape size: 500mm*1000mm*1600mm. The 16 cloth bags are evenly distributed in the dust collector, which can effectively remove dust from the blasting work.
(B) the cloth bag is equipped with a special rapping switch. The switch is located on the top of the machine and is easy to operate.
(C). Dust extraction (sand separation) fan: medium power blower 1 power: 1.5KW
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