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Non-standard Manual Sandblasting Machine

Double station non standard manual sandblasting machine

The machine adopts suction sand blasting (shot peening) mechanism, that is, compressed air is used in the cyclone separator to conduct pneumatic conveying.

Double station non standard

Manual pressure dry burr sandblasting machine

This machine is suitable for the surface processing of the following types of workpiece:

Non standard automatic sandblasting machine for leather to black spot

Main body dimensions: long 1500mm* width, 1200mm* high 2500mm (effective sandblasting width 1000mm)

Non standard multi position sanding machine

Non standard double station product map

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Non standard four position manual sandblasting machine for large workpieces

The shell is welded by 2.0MM steel plate, and the inside and outside surfaces are sprayed and processed.

XT-9060 Roller type sandblasting machine

Product model: XT-9060-2A
Shape size: long 1100mm x wide 900mm x high 1600mm

XT1080-2A Double gun drum type automatic margin machine

The outer size of the host: 1000*800*2000 (mm)
Work storehouse size: 1000*800*800 (mm)
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