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Description of crawler sand blasting machine and liquid blasting machine

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Description of crawler sand blasting machine and liquid blasting machine

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Regarding the sandblasting machine, today we will continue to explain the contents of this area, because there are still a lot of people not yet introduced to everyone, so the work has to continue. Th
Regarding the sandblasting machine, today we will continue to explain the contents of this area, because there are still a lot of people not yet introduced to everyone, so the work has to continue. Then, let's elaborate on the specifics of this area. We mainly introduce two kinds of sandblasting machines so that we can learn more about the types of sandblasting machines.
Category one: crawler sandblasting machine
      It is mainly used for sandblasting the outer surface, so that it can remove the dirt, scratches, or other impurities on the outer surface, so that the outer surface of the workpiece reaches the matt state. The type of the workpiece may be a forged casting, a welded part, a heat-treated part, a stamped part, or the like.
The main advantages of crawler sand blasting machines are high processing efficiency, simple and convenient operation, energy saving, and no environmental pollution. And after sandblasting is completed, the sandblasting effect is good and uniform. It also saves on the consumption of abrasives and recycles and cleans the dust.
Type 2: Liquid blasting machine
      The liquid blasting machine is mainly composed of five systems, which are a construction system, a medium power system, a pipeline system, a control system and an auxiliary system.
      The liquid sand blasting machine, which uses a grinding liquid pump as a power supply for the grinding liquid, uses compressed air as an acceleration power, so that the grinding liquid can be sprayed from the nozzle to perform blasting. Its main advantage is to improve the operating environment of sand blasting and avoid dust pollution.
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