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What to do if the automatic sandblaster fails

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What to do if the automatic sandblaster fails

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The sandblasting machine that is more common in life is an automatic sandblasting machine, which is applied to various industries and has the advantages of convenient and safe operation and high production efficiency. However, when it is used for a long time, various failures cannot be avoided. Production efficiency, let's take a look at how to deal with the failure of the automatic sand blasting machine.
    1. Generally, it is easy to cause the abrasive to enter the vacuum bag. When this happens, you can check whether the opening of the vacuum bag is too large or the abrasive is too thin. Take measures according to the reasons, such as using coarser abrasive. Or adjust the opening of the suction bag.
    2. If there is a phenomenon of abrasive leakage, it is necessary to check whether the vacuum bag has not been tightened. If the abrasive sprayed by the automatic sand blasting machine is not uniform, it is necessary to check whether the abrasive is too small, and if the abrasive is added, the fault is eliminated.
    The above is the introduction of the application method for the failure of the automatic blasting machine. You can learn more about it. In case of failure at work, you can solve it yourself without delaying the production, but if the blasting machine is difficult to solve When you have problems, ask a professional to repair the auto, when the automatic sandblasting machine fails to avoid serious consequences.