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How is the automatic sand blasting machine processed? Automatic sandblasting machine

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How is the automatic sand blasting machine processed? Automatic sandblasting machine

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When it comes to automatic sandblasting machines, it is very difficult for people to have or are curious about how to use them. Then explain to you today, automatic sandblasting machine processing.

When it comes to automatic sandblasting machines, it is very difficult for people to have or are curious about how to use them. Then explain to you today, automatic sandblasting machine processing.
      From the operation of artificial sand blasting to the completion of automatic sand blasting, today, in 2018, companies using sand blasting machines have gradually changed from manual sand blasting machine processing to adding two automatic sand blasting machines to process their own products. The automatic sandblasting machine can meet the requirements of the enterprise regardless of the uniformity of sandblasting effect of the product or the output of the product.
      The manual sandblasting machine is operated by the staff with a sandblasting gun to process the surface of the product. However, the automatic machine puts the product on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt drives the sandblasting cabin and the automatic sandblasting is completed. Then the problem is solved. How is the processing of the automatic sandblasting machine in the end? Today Xiaobian answers for everyone.
     The automatic sandblasting machine is a chamber type circulating internal automatic sandblasting machine, which is divided into a conveying dry type sandblasting machine and a conveying type wet sandblasting machine. The difference between the two is that the dry sandblasting machine directly sprays the abrasive onto the surface of the product while wet Sandblasting machine is only mixed with abrasive and water before it is sprayed onto the surface of the product. So the processing mode of the two is the same. At the beginning of sandblasting, the worker puts the workpiece on the conveyor belt (if it is useful for fixtures, it can be put at the same time) On the conveyor belt), when the workpiece enters the sandblast chamber for sand blasting, 8 spray guns or 12 spray guns and 16 spray guns are automatically shaken on the products reaching the sandblasting chamber. After passing through the sandblasting chamber, they are transported. After the belt is conveyed to the blowing clean room to clean up the sand material scattered on the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece is output from the other end of the transmission device, and is removed by the worker after final cleaning, and the product processing is completed.
     The above content shows you the automatic sandblasting machine processing method. Regarding other sandblasting machines, you are welcome to leave a message or contact our customer service. The follow-up will continue to understand the details of the automatic sandblasting machine.